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Privacy policy


Trading Name: Thomas McKellar & Sons
Kilmarnock Office Address: 96 Titchfield Street, Kilmarnock, KA1 1PH
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Thomas McKellar & Sons is committed to protecting the personal data of the individuals and families that require our services at their time of need. This privacy policy relates to our use of personal information we collect from you and your family while arranging the Funeral of a family member.
It also relates to any information that you provide to us via phone, email, letters and directly in person. For us to provide our services we require certain personal information to be collected from you.

Data Collection

Data collected will include details of the deceased and certain personal details of the next of kin or executor. This would include the applicant who is arranging the Funeral.
Data collected may include the following:
• Full Name of deceased and next of kin, executor or applicant
• Address of deceased and next of kin, executor or applicant
• Landline/Mobile number of next of kin, executor or applicant
• Email address of next of kin, executor or applicant
• Occupation of next of kin, executor or applicant
Your data will be collected via a paper arrangement form that we use while arranging the Funeral of a loved one. We may also collect data from any emails including emails sent from our website contact form and via landline or mobile phone calls.
It is necessary for us to obtain this data to provide you with a compassionate and dignified Funeral service that allows us to keep in contact with you during the arrangement of a Funeral. This will be achieved by you signing our consent form that allows us to contact you while arranging a Funeral and some personal information will be retained until the Funeral account has been paid in full and if applicable any ashes have been collected by you.

Use Of Data

The personal data of the next of kin, executor and/or applicant is used to provide a personalised service for you and your loved one, dealing with general enquiries and sending marketing information on products and services that we can provide.

Use Of Data For Marketing

We will never send any marketing information directly to an individual unless that individual has contacted us to request information on a product or service that we provide. On occasion we may conduct pre-paid funeral plan leaflet drops in targeted areas but will never obtain and/or use any personal information of an individual unless we have been instructed directly to do so by the individual.
While arranging a Funeral we may have to share customer data with a third party such as a minister, father or Funeral celebrant, that will allow them to discuss Funeral arrangements of your loved one’s service with you directly. Customer data may also be shared with the venue for the funeral tea, so that they may contact you directly to finalise any necessary arrangements. Consent will be asked during the arrangement of the Funeral.
You may update your preferences with us or withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us directly by phone or email. It may however be necessary for us to deny your request on certain legal grounds pertaining to the ownership of burial lair’s in the event that a body had to be exhumed in the future and/or we currently still retain ashes of a loved one.


We may share customer information with third party businesses such as the crematorium and local council if it is necessary to allow us to perform the funeral service for a cremation or burial.
Examples of some of these businesses are listed below:
• Holmsford Bridge Crematorium
• Masonhill Crematorium
• East Ayrshire Council
• South Ayrshire Council
• North Ayrshire Council
Customer data may be used by these businesses to keep a record of the deceased and the details of a family contact in case they require to contact them directly to discuss cremation or burial memorials.
Customer data will be transferred to these businesses via their forms that are delivered in person or via fax/email. A confirmation is obtained, and the business is required to have safeguards in place to keep this data secure and that every effort is taken to ensure that data is protected via their privacy policy and security documentation.

Accuracy And Integrity Of The Data

We take great care to ensure that any customer data we hold is accurate, complete and up to date by asking the individual to check and confirm that their information is correct before signing our consent form.
Personal information held by us can be updated at any time by contacting us by phone, email or speaking to us in person using the following details;
By Phone: Kilmarnock – 01563572565, Stewarton – 01560485366, Galston – 01563624025
By Email: [email protected]
In Person: Kilmarnock Office – 96 Titchfield Street, Kilmarnock, KA1 1PH


We are committed to protecting your personal information. Any personal information is stored in a secure locked cabinet and safe that only senior members of the company have access to.
We are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) under registration reference ZA334506. More information can be found at
In the event of any misuse, loss, unauthorised access or disclosure you and the ICO will be contacted within 2 days and informed of what has occurred.
Personal information is only held for as long as is necessary and will be deleted after this time. This will usually be following full payment of the funeral and once any ashes where applicable have been collected. There may be certain legal obligations that would require us to hold personal information for a longer period. If these legal obligations arose they would be discussed in detail with the individual.

Access To Information

You have the right to see your own personal data at any time. Any questions you may have regarding
your personal data can be directed to the following contact;
Contact Name: Cameron McKellar
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 01563572565
Questions can be raised in person by using the above contact information to arrange an
appointment that suits you. We endeavour to answer any questions you may have regarding your
personal data within 24 hours from the point of contact.
A request to access a customer’s personal details may not be granted if we feel the request is
“manifestly unfounded or excessive” or if it may breach the security measures that we have in place to protect another individual’s privacy.

Organisation Contact

Should you wish to discuss this privacy policy or have any questions relating to data protection and
wish to contact us please do by contacting the following person;
Cameron McKellar
Thomas McKellar & Sons
96 Titchfield Street
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 01563572565

Ayrshire’s longest established funeral director
We aim to reply to any questions within 24 hours of the point of contact. Any complaints can also be made via this contact and we ensure that due care and diligence will be taken regarding each enquiry and handled in a dignified manner.