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Funeral Costs 2020

Funeral Director Fees

All professional services - including completion of paperwork, liaising with third parties,
24-hour on-call availability and all advice, support and guidance with the funeral arrangements
Care and preparation of the deceased - including preparation, presentation and
bringing the deceased into our care
Provision of hearse and all personnel to conduct the funeral £495.00

Coffin & Casket Selection

Basic Coffin (Cremation Only) £120.00
Wood effect coffins from £230.00
Oak veneer coffins from £395.00
Eco-coffin selection - Bamboo from £495.00
Eco-coffin selection - Willow from £610.00
Eco-coffin selection – Cardboard from £295.00

Additional Services

Hire of limousines (per car) £270.00
Hire of saloon cars (per car) £220.00
Design & print service for Order of Service sheets (Priced per copy) - 0 – 99 copies £1.50
Design & print service for Order of Service sheets (Priced per copy) - 100+ copies £1.25

Example Third Party Costs (Paid on your behalf and charged accordingly)

Holmsford Bridge Crematorium, Dreghorn £981.00
Masonhill Crematorium, Ayr £882.00
Clyde Coast & Garnock Valley Crematorium £958.00
Purchase of burial plot (East Ayrshire) £637.00
Opening of burial plot (East Ayrshire) £665.00
Funeral Celebrant’s fee from £160.00
Floral Tributes from £80.00
Obituary Notices from £100.00
Church Fees from £60.00

*Simple Funeral – £1,950 (Plus Crematorium/burial and officiant fees)

Restricted professional services, including organisation of the funeral, completion of paperwork and liaising with officiant. Collection of the deceased during office hours and excluding weekends. Care of the deceased at our mortuary facility. The supply of a wood effect coffin, personnel for funeral and hearse only. No viewing and no cortege from family home is included and the family will be required to pay and liaise directly with third parties, except for crematorium/burial authority and officiant. Charges may be applicable for any additional services undertaken by Thomas McKellar & Sons.

*Direct Cremation – £1,150

Restricted professional services, collection and care of deceased, completion of paperwork, basic coffin, no viewing, transportation of deceased in Mondeo hearsette straight to crematorium, fee included for an unattended service at local crematorium.

*Simple funeral and direct cremation additional fees if required may include an out-of-hours collection of deceased charge of £150.00 and £200.00 for any viewing that is arranged by the family.

Please note that a deposit of £1,300.00 is payable for all funerals and must be paid prior to the date of the funeral. Except for direct cremation where the full cost must be paid prior to the funeral. Repatriation to or from the UK/abroad will be charged accordingly and carried out by an external company. Every funeral will be tailored to the needs of the family involved and all costs will be provided in an estimate for every funeral.