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After the funeral

Funeral Costs

Our account will be sent out within seven days of the date of the funeral and will be divided into two separate parts – the funeral director’s charges and the disbursements paid on your behalf. The disbursements are third party charges such as crematorium or burial fees, church fees, speaker’s fees, obituary notices, flowers and order of service. Our charges will include all professional services involved in making the funeral arrangements, caring for the deceased, provision of a coffin, vehicles and staff involved in conducting the funeral.

Cremated Remains

The ashes can be scattered, either in the crematorium gardens or discreetly at a place of your choice, or they can be buried in a cemetery. Alternatively, you may want to keep the ashes in an urn or incorporate some of the ashes into jewellery or glassware. We will advise on these options at the time of our initial appointment and although it can be a difficult decision to make, in our experience, it is often better to make a choice sooner rather than later to help with the closure after a bereavement. It also helps many people to have a place to visit and remember their loved one in the time after the funeral.

Memorial Masonry

We recommend visiting Kay Park Memorials in Kilmarnock for all memorial masonry work. They can advise on the purchase of new headstones, memorial lettering and restoration of existing headstones. Contact John Bayne on 01563 535800 for further information. 

Help with funeral costs

If there is not enough money in the deceased’s estate and you are responsible for making the funeral arrangements, you may be entitled to assistance if you or your partner are receiving any qualifying benefits. Contact the DWP or visit your local Jobcentre to claim the Funeral Payment. You can claim up to three months after the funeral, even if you have already paid the funeral account. However, the Funeral Payment does not cover all of the funeral expenses and the amount awarded will be reduced by any money available from the estate, including any insurance or pension payments, pre-paid funeral plans or contributions from relatives or charities.